Air-Pot® containers are the original and the best air-pruning containers around, which have been made in Scotland, UK from recycled plastic since 1997.

These air-pruning containers are UV-stabilised and last many years in our harsh Australian climate.

Air-Pot® air-pruning containers are highly-regarded by gardeners and horticultural experts worldwide for the superior and dense root systems they develop.

Watch this short three minute to see how they work!

Air-Pot Small Seed Tray (4 L)
The Air-Pot small seed tray is the perfect germination tray. It's superb aeration increases your ger..
Air-Pot Garden - Small (3 L)
Dimensions: 195 mm diameter × 220 mm high The small 3 L Air-Pot container is a great starting conta..
Air-Pot Garden - Medium (9 L)
Dimensions: 269 mm diameter × 275 mm high The 9 L Air-Pot is great for young fruit trees, small shr..
Air-Pot Garden - Large (20 L)
Dimensions: 355 mm diameter × 320 mm high This Air-Pot container is the perfect tomato pot, and doe..
Air-Pot Garden - Extra Large (38 L)
Dimensions: 430 mm diameter × 375 mm high The pleasing design and size of this Air-Pot container is..
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