Heirloom Alpine Strawberry Plants

Alpine strawberries are the pinnacle of strawberry — juicy, sweet and of exceptional taste. These cultivars descend from the wild strawberry which grows in the cool, wooded regions of Europe. They look like runts when compared alongside supermarket strawberries, but one bite tells you these little fellas pack far more taste for their size than you ever thought possible!

These will be ready around August – September, but feel free to browse in the meantime!

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Alpine Strawberry 'Alexandria'
Botanical name: Fragaria vesca A heavy bearer of delicious flavour-packed little fruits, and with a..
Alpine Strawberry 'Baron Solemacher'
Botanical name: Fragaria vesca A classic German heirloom which produces heavy clusters of incredibl..
Alpine Strawberry 'Mignonette'
Botanical name: Fragaria vesca This is a runnerless plant with a neat bushy appearance, making it a..
Alpine Strawberry 'Red Wonder'
Botanical name: Fragaria vesca This runnerless plant produces tasty little fruits with that old-fas..
Alpine Strawberry 'Reugen'
Botanical name: Fragaria vesca A runnerless variety capable of producing clusters of amazing fruit ..
Alpine Strawberry 'White Soul'
Botanical name: Fragaria vesca The creamy-white strawberries this plant produces don’t draw the att..
Alpine Strawberry 'Yellow Wonder'
Botanical name: Fragaria vesca Like the creamy-white strawberries of ‘White Soul’, this plant produ..
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