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Botanical name: Laurus nobilis

Bay laurel is the source plant of bay leaves, which are used in cooking and to repel insects.

Grown from cuttings, currently in pots of 170 mm diameter and 170 mm high.

Fresh leaves picked just moments before they go in the pot are so superior to the dried packaged ones! Far more aromatic and flavoursome. Add whole to soups and casseroles so you can fish them out at the end. Add some whole leaves to chicken as it poaches, or to rice as it cooks by the absorbent method to impart a subtle flavour to the food as well as a beautiful smell to the house.

Dried bay leaves are used as an insect repellant, so as an added bonus simply pick a few more leaves to let dry in your pantry, under the fridge, or in cupboards in place of mothballs - they'll need replacing every few months though.

The plant itself also deters insects, so may be useful kept near house entrances.

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