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Dimensions: 300 mm × 300 mm × 120 – 140 mm
Weight: 4.5 kg

This is a fine peat grade of coir, in a handy carry-bag! Each of these highly compressed blocks is 4.5 kg dry weight, and expands to approximately 60 L on addition of about 24 L of water.

Quick wetting and storage tip: place one block directly into a 75 L container of some sort (for example a plastic version of the old-style metal garbage bins with lids), and add the water directly. All done in one spot, with a finished product at the ready for your convenience, with no mess or time wasted in transferring from one spot to another, and with a protective lid for long-term storage!

These blocks are too compressed to be able to break off small pieces to hydrate small volumes as you go, and are best hydrated as one lot. As the block swells and softens, you may need to break more stubborn clumps up with your hands to maximise absorption, though this is more the case with the coarser grade coir with its extremely compressed core.

Once hydrated, the coir darkens in colour, remains loose and friable, and will never return to its former excessively dry state. It is still best kept covered during storage for maximum long-term water retention, and even if not covered, only the very top will typically dry out anyway, unless you leave it baking over summer for months at a time. If you see a dryish top, you only need scrape away a few centimetres to see how moist it stays further down!

This coir is just gorgeous to handle when hydrated. It has an air-filled porosity (AFP) of 10% due to the small particle size of less than 5 mm. This makes it ideal for seed-raising and for packing Air-Pot containers, though for the latter it is recommended to use in equal measure with compost and/or potting mix. (Regard this as a water-retaining medium, and not as a nutrient-rich one.)

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