Local pickup is welcome (we’re in Gwynneville, near Wollongong University) — but please let me know ahead of time as we don’t have a shopfront.

Otherwise please be assured that I take especial care packing your plants.

All plant orders are sent every Monday (or if a public holiday, the following Tuesday) to ensure they aren’t languising somewhere over a weekend.
Plant orders received on a Monday are sent that same day if at all possible, otherwise Tuesday.

Any seeds and cuttings ordered with plants are sent as one package, ie the following Monday or Tuesday.
Orders of seeds and/or cuttings only are sent by the next business day.

Pots are recycled as much as possible — please be assured they have been cleaned and sterilised, but they may have marks or be faded and won’t always look shiny and new.

Be notified of seasonal plants, blog posts, and gardening info as they are added!
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