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Botanical name: Allium × proliferum

A versatile and prolific onion which keeps on giving! Eat the bulbs as onions, and the leaves as spring onion shoots.

Stronger tasting than regular onions or shoots — these little bulbs really pack quite a punch.

When starting out, best to just let these bulbs grow while harvesting the leaves. This way you can produce more onions (and plants) more quickly. You can leave the bulbs in a clump, or separate out to plant individually.

Sometimes in the first year, but more typically by the second year, a tall stem will appear from the centre, with a cluster of bulblets developing on the top. You can pick and eat these (or transpant elsewhere to grow a new plant), or allow the weight of these to bend the leaf over — this is the ‘walking’ part as these bulblets will root in the ground to produce new plants a small distance from the parent.

If the stem doesn‘t bend over, the bulblets will sprout in the air, and one may even produce another stem with bulblets on top — the ‘tree’ part. It‘s the funniest onion plant you‘ll ever see!

The bulblet stems will turn brown and die off. Remaining bulblets not eaten will sprout, and can be picked off for planting elsewhere, or left to root where they make contact with the ground. The original bulb can be dug up and eaten as a larger onion, or will continue to produce edible leaves if left alone.

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