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Botanical name: Tropaeolum minus

Two – three plants per pot. Price is for each pot, which is 90mm across and 150mm deep.

These are all hybrids from a variety of nasturtiums I grew last year, so the flowers will be unpredictable but still pretty!

The main reason I grow these though, is not for the colour, but for their health benefits. Eat some leaves at the first sign of a cold coming on, and all the symptoms will disappear — I can personally attest to that.
And their reputation for “women’s problems” is legendary — daughter can attest to that!

The leaves and stems have a sharp peppery taste and get right into your nasal passages like wasabi does. The entire plant can be eaten and the flower buds can be pickled as a caper substitute.

Nasturtiums are also a brilliant ‘lure’ plant for the white cabbage moth and butterfly. Grow them near your brassicas to protect them — the insects will lay their eggs preferentially or predominantly on the nasturtiums.

But do be sure to break the cycle by removing the eggs and/or hatched caterpillars from the nasturtiums before that next generation infests your brassicas.

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