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Botanical name: Capsicum annuum

Dimensions of the 9 L Air-Pot container are 269 mm diameter × 275 mm high.
(Dimensions of the 1 L Air-Pot Prop-Pot in photo 4 are 121 mm diameter × 145 mm high.)

Grown from seed in 1L Air-Pot Prop-Pots, and you can how phenomenally the root ball develops in these containers (photos 3-6) — the roots were so dense I potted straight into the 9L containers, and this size should see these plants through the whole growing/fruiting season.

One comes with a bonus self-seeded Nasturtium (last photo) :) Recommended to transplant it elsewhere as it will become a very large plant.

Nasturtiums have lovely bright edible flowers as well as being an excellent medicinal plant overall to have. If you feel a cold coming on, eat the leaves, which have a very wasabi-like effect of getting right into your nasal passage and sinuses. Just keep doing this every hour or so until you know it isn’t coming back. (The longest it took for me once was a day and a half but that was unusually long.) Also very good for ‘women’s problems’.

You can even pickle nasturtium seeds as a caper substitute.

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