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Botanical name: Ficus carica

Now fruiting. As the name suggests, ‘Brown Turkey’ is a brown fig. (For a green fig type please see the ‘Green Prolific’ listing.)

These were grown from cuttings and didn’t have extensive root balls when potted into the Air-Pot containers early this last spring (October 2021).

Now from the closeups you can see just what a fantastically fine and dense root ball an Air-Pot® can build in a short time — and what you can see is only what is now becoming visible on the outside!

You may be able to see from the representative photo with the orange base that the inner root ball is dense enough to hold all the potting mix firmly in place, as well as support the tree’s entire weight with the container wall completely removed.

You may also have realised that there is minimal, if any, root disturbance on removal of the wall, meaning no transplant shock.

With such a great start, these trees will take off once transplanted in the ground, or perhaps potted up to a larger pot.

The 3L Air-Pot® dimensions are 195 mm diameter × 215 mm high. These containers can be re-used over and over again as they are very strong, long-lasting and very UV-resistant.

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